Hedge Fund MCX Power Aggressive Plan is a plan designed for those traders who have capital of Rs 70000-150000 and wants to do trading in Hegde Funds MCX Power Aggressive Plan, in which trader will get service of Precious metals such as Gold and Silver. You will get totally satisfaction and technically support by our team with proper enter and exit level, recovery at loss with our best accuracy and intraday calls.

Key features

  • Daily 2-3 Intraday Trading Calls
  • Real Accuracy 99.9%
  • Multiple lots Trading
  • Recovery Calls Within 70 minutes If Stop loss Triggered
  • In Each Call Lot Size is mentioned
  • Important Market Update Calls Given Only On SMS
  • Risk & Reward Ratio Will Be 1:1
  • Support on SMS, WhatsApp & Panel
  • 10-12 Years’ Experience in Trading and Analysing

Sample Calls

  • Dear Trader , Sell Mcx Gold At 30630-30650 Target-30530 SL-30750[Trade In 1 Lots]
  • Congrates!!! Sell Mcx Gold Successfully Target achived.Made Low- 30520 Net Profit- Rs.10000/-
  • Dear Trader, Buy Mcx Aluminium At 145.00-145.10 Target-146.10 SL-144.00 [Trade In1 Lots]
  • Congrates!!! Buy Mcx Aluminium Successfully Target achived.Made High-146.30 Net Profit- Rs.5000/-
  • Dear Trader, Buy Mcx Crude Oil At 3905-3910 Target-3945 SL-3870[Trade In 1 Lots]
  • Congrates!!! Buy Mcx Crude oil Successfully Target achived.Made High-3947 Net Profit- Rs.3500/-

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